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Cadet Advisory Council

Cadet Advisory Council Mid-Atlantic Region Cadet Advisory Council

The Mid-Atlantic Region Cadet Advisory Council (MAR CAC) is charged with three purposes:

Provide an organization where cadets gain leadership and experience at higher organizational levels Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program Make recommendations for improving and running the Cadet Program The Council receives direction from the Region Commander and has a senior member advisor to provide day-to-day oversight.


2019-2020 Mid-Atlantic Region Cadet Advisory Council


C/Lt Col Kyle-David Byrne, DCWG

MARCAC Vice Chair
C/Maj Maggie Thibodeaux, NCWG

MARCAC Recorder
C/Maj Ashlyn Wells, NCWG

MARCAC Senior Advisor
Capt Tyler Hoover, MAR/DCWG

MARCAC Assistant Advisor
1st Lt Jake Aytes, MDWG


NCAC Primary Representative
C/Lt Col Joshua Kirkpatrick, VAWG

NCAC Assistant Representative
C/Capt Elise Viles, VAWG




DCWG Primary Representative
C/Lt Col Kurt Finkenstaedt

DCWG Assistant Representative
C/Capt Stephen Gordon

DEWG Primary Representative
C/Lt Col Noure Sydney

DEWG Assistant Representative
C/Maj Joseph “Trey” Ketzner

MDWG Primary Representative
C/1st Lt Felix Caratini

MDWG Assistant Representative

NCWG Primary Representative
C/Maj Natalia Randolph

NCWG Assistant Representative
C/Capt Aiden Thibodeaux

SCWG Primary Representative

SCWG Assistant Representative

VAWG Primary Representative
C/Lt Col Julia McGee

VAWG Assistant Representative
C/Capt Cyrus Rodriguez

WVWG Primary Representative
C/Capt Camden Westfall

WVWG Assistant Representative


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