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Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs

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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Region Legal Affairs page. 
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The Mid-Atlantic Region legal officers are part of one of the largest volunteer law firms in the nation: the Civil Air Patrol Legal Officer Corps. Legal Officers are each admitted to the bar of their home jurisdictions and provide counsel to commanders and staff on a broad range of issues that includes contracts, property rights, personnel matters, risk management, and regulatory research. Many legal officers are also active in CAP's core missions of aerospace education, cadet programs, and emergency services, so they are able to provide first-hand experience in addition to a strategic perspective on Civil Air Patrol operations.

Each wing in the Mid-Atlantic Region has a legal officer (and, in many cases, a full legal team) serve as a source of counsel for the wing commander and wing staff. These legal officers work with region and national staff to leverage the expertise of a strong nationwide network of Civil Air Patrol lawyers and coordinate the legal affairs of their wings with our national general counsel.  

Client Service Feedback

When the MAR legal officers provide command counsel or advice to staff members, it is important to us that our advice and recommendations be timely, accurate, and useful. If you have solicited advice from a member of the legal affairs team, we would be very grateful if you would answer a short survey to provide feedback for us.  

Contacts and References for Legal Officers

National Legal Officer College

NLOC LogoThe MAR legal officer team strongly encourages legal officers throughout the region to attend the National Legal Officers College (NLOC). This event, which corresponds to the general Region Staff College in the CAP Senior Member Professional Development System (CAPR 50-17, para 6-3(f)), typically occurs in odd-numbered years. Legal officers from around the country come together to discuss issues of importance to CAP, develop critical networks across the Legal Officer Corps, and get valuable continuing legal education (CLE).  

Legal Affairs Staff Guides

The following guides are not meant to be regulatory, but rather to share best practices for achieving common tasks for our constituent legal officers. If you have questions about these guides, please contact MAR/JAA. These guides are intended for use by assigned legal officers and should not be used to avoid the involvement or review of a legal officer.


Key Legal Issues for Civil Air Patrol

Although a wide variety of legal issues face the Civil Air Patrol, there is a set of questions that come up frequently for legal officers throughout the region and organization. The organization's general counsel maintains a set of resources on the national website (look for the menu on the left) that address the following issues:

  • 501(c)(3) Federal Income Tax Exemption
  • Memoranda of Understanding for Authorization of Missions
  • Sample Request for Assistance (from Civil Air Patrol)
  • Memoranda of Understanding with other national organizations
  • Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) brochure
  • Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) brochure
  • Insurance coverage
  • Contracts
  • Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Please visit the national website for the most up-to-date guidance on these issues. Please do not hesitate to contact the region legal staff if you have questions about the issues or resources mentioned here.

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