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Because many CAP volunteers work in and around military bases and commercial airports, we wanted to offer the guidance below.  

The federal REAL ID Act, passed in 2005 with staggered dates for enforcement, requires that photo identification used to access federally controlled areas (airports, federal offices, and military installations) meet security standards that are higher than many states have traditionally imposed for driver licenses.  

The extensions offered to states working on compliance expired this fall, and as of January 22, 2018, REAL ID compliant identification will be required to access nuclear power plants, federal facilities, military bases, and commercial airports.  

In addition to your state’s procedures being compliant, your own ID card or driver license must be compliant to access those facilities. For example, some states have become compliant, but identification issued before a certain date does not meet the standards. Most states have a way for you to “upgrade” your non-compliant ID by visiting a state office with necessary documentation.

We cannot offer individual counsel about the compliance of your personal identification.
Please consult your state authorities for relevant information.  

Note that CAP does not require members to have compliant identification; we offer the guidance because our members frequently visit facilities that do require compliance.

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