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The Logistics section provides the means to perform the missions of the Civil Air Patrol. The Logistics team is dedicated to ensuring equipment is ready, safe and available; supplies are abundant; real estate is maintained.





Annual Inventory Status as of 9 PM on 31 Oct 22

Annual Re-validation Tutorial Video 
Annual Inventory Status Report Tutorial

Logistical Regulations
CAPR 70-1 Civil Air Patrol Flight Management
CAPR 77-1 Operations and Maintenance of CAP Vehicles
CAPR 130-2    Civil Air Patrol Aircraft Maintenance Management
CAPR 174-1 Property Management and Accountability
Useful Forms
CAPF 70 Vehicle Reimbursement Request
CAPF 71 CAP Aircraft Inspection Checklist
CAPF 175 Vehicle Justification
Updated 11/1/22


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