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Mission Statement

The Mid-Atlantic Region Administration and Personnel program assists squadrons, groups, and wings to recognize their members, create a streamlined process through which personnel actions are submitted, and to help ensure all units are operating within Civil Air Patrol's administrative policies and procedures. The Personnel and Administration section serves as the catalyst to assure Mid-Atlantic Region members success in the performance of their duties, as it recognizes that Civil Air Patrol's members are its most valuable assets and resources. The Personnel and Administration program strives to serve the members of Mid-Atlantic Region as an effective and efficient resource from whom the members can seek advice, guidance, and assistance.   SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES:   The Administration and Personnel section is responsible for providing the region commander with a comprehensive personnel program for all Mid-Atlantic Region members. Primary responsibilities included in this program are:

  • Promotions and awards
  • Membership actions, including transfers, renewals, retirements, and terminations
  • Administrative policies and procedures implementation
  • Recruitment and retention guidance
  • Records management
  • Training
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