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Public Affairs

Public Affairs

The mission of the Mid-Atlantic Region public affairs program is to support and embrace Civil Air Patrol’s national objectives through a diverse and aggressive program that encourages, mentors and leads our seven wings to build and maintain a strong relationship with our internal and external audiences.

Regulations, Pamphlets, Useful Publications
CAP public affairs officers (PAOs) are guided by CAP Regulation 190-1 and follow the public affairs specialty track detailed in CAP Pamphlet 201.

Other useful publications from national public affairs include:

Public Affairs Planning

All squadron, wing, and region PAOs are required to create an annual public affairs plan for their area of responsibility.  These plans provide the PAO an opportunity to realistically look at their unit’s strengths and weaknesses, create objectives and goals, and assess how these goals are being met.  CAP NHQ provides a guide for How to write a public affairs plan.

At the request of CAP NHQ/PA, the MAR PAO and NVWG PAO joined forces to create a sample public affairs plan for squadrons.  This downloadable plan can be edited to make the  new squadron PAO’s job easier.  As you read the plan, simply edit/delete anything in red to adapt to your unit.  The suggested goals and objectives are just that:  suggested.  Feel free to modify to meet your unit’s needs.

Sample Public Affairs Annual Plan

The MER Public Affairs plan for 2015 and other important files can be downloaded below.

MAR PA Plan 2015

CAP Guide for PAOs – Volume 1 – 2000

CAP Guide for PAOs – Volume 2 – 2000

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