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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Region Safety Page

MAR Region Commander Col. Bruce B. Heinlein

MAR Region Director of Safety, LT. Col. Guy R. Butts II , Master Rated in the Safety Specialty Track

MAR Region Assistant Safety Officers:

Col. Eugene L. Egry III

Col. David E. Crawford

MAR Region Wing Director of Safety Officers:

Delaware Wing - Capt. Avanti K. Borucki

Maryland Wing - Lt. Col. Matthew S. Cauthen

National Capital Wing - Lt. Col. James D. Carr

North Carolina Wing - Lt. Col. Christopher A. Duemmel

South Carolina Wing - Capt. John E. Gombar

Virginia Wing - Lt. Col. Jeffrey A. Rowell

West Virginia Wing - Capt. Corey O. Stephens 



CAPR 62-1

CAPR 62-2

Safety Officer Specialty Track Study Guide





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