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Mid-Atlantic Region leadership and staff sections can be reached through the following:


Role Section Point of Contact E-mail
Commander CC Col Bruce Heinlein
Vice Commander - North CV-N Col Eugene Egry
Vice Commander - South CV-S Col Jason Bailey
Command Chief CCC CMSgt Todd Parsons
Chief of Staff COS Col James Covel
Assistant Chief of Staff ACS Lt Col James Quinn
Personnel DP Maj Gene Merklein
Administration DA Maj Gene Merklein
Operations DO Col David E. Crawford
Standards & Evaluations DOV Lt Col James Brantly
Logistics LG Lt Col Dana P Thorpe
Plans, Requirements, and Programs PLANS Col Lawrence Trick
Communications COMM Lt Col Maurice Thomas
Information Technology IT Maj Michael Miller
Aerospace Education AE Lt Col Tina Peterson
Cadet Programs CP Col J.D. Ellis
Professional Development PD Lt Col Charlotte P Wright
Finance FIN Lt Col Janeen Hales Chazell
Chaplain HC Ch Lt Col Wayne Byerly
Historian HO Lt Col Joseph Myers
Inspector General IG Col Raymond Harris
Legal Affairs JAG Lt Col Matthew T Phillips
Public Affairs PA Lt Col Jeff Schrock
Safety SE Lt Col Guy Butts
Cyber Programs CYP Maj Derek Rustvold
Recruiting & Retention RR Lt Col Elmer Boyer
Gov't Relations Advisor GRA Lt Col Rick Paxton

Region Staff can access e-mail here:

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